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What is Process Consulting?

Friday, April 05, 2024 7:30 AM | Kathy Vlietstra (Administrator)

What is Process Consulting? 
By Matt Visser

The Society for Process Consulting, the credentialing body teaching the practice of Process Consulting, offers us a working definition:

“Process Consulting is an iterative form of humble inquiry and guidance in which the consultant works alongside the Client to co-create solutions. A process consultant’s purpose is not to provide ready-made solutions but to advance the Client’s growth and learning through an authentic discovery process.”

How does Process Consulting work in practice?

As Process Consultants, we utilize three primary values in order to effectively walk alongside you as a Client. A process approach to consulting recognizes the critical role of listening to you in order to design solutions that move your organization forward and the learning required to make organizational change sustainable. Although these shared values may function in sequence, they are often iterative and constantly working together throughout our relationship.


We start by asking you deeper questions in order to uncover the real purpose of a process and the adaptive challenges you want to address in order to foster growth and transformation. Through embracing the cultural, social, and relational context of your organization, we co-create a process that aligns with your most important goals to move your organization forward.


Equipped with the right purpose and a co-created process, we walk alongside you and your organization through the planned activities that advance the your goals and objectives. Through iterative steps along the way, we will shift and pivot to achieve your desired results.


We work collaboratively to constantly learn through the process so in the end, you are equipped to lead the process you have created for your organization. Through developing the knowledge and skills necessary to lead, the process becomes sustainable and generative for you and your organization in the future

Five Reasons why a Process Approach is helpful for leaders and organizations.

Once you understand what is meant by “Process Consulting” and how Process Consulting works in practice, it may be helpful for you to explore key reasons why a process approach to consulting may help you and your organization transform for a vibrant future.

A Process Approach to consulting…

1. Embraces Complexity

The world is complex and your organization is dynamic and changing. The unique social, emotional, and cultural context of your organization is essential. Complexity is best addressed through adaptive solutions designed through co-creating a process.

2. Digs Deeper to uncover Real Purpose

The posture of listening and humble inquiry allows us to dig deeper and move beyond surface issues. An iterative process that begins with listening uncovers the real purpose of a process.

3. Values Organizational Strengths

As the Client, you are the expert. As an expert, your perspectives and insights are essential and valuable. A process approach recognizes the creativity and resourcefulness you have as a leader and the unique strengths of your key stakeholder groups.

4. Grows Leadership Capacity

You will learn new knowledge and skills through the process. This learning leads to your personal transformation experiential learning and grows your capacity to lead in the future.

5. Deepens Relationships

A Process Consulting approach builds trust, transparency, and collaboration and leads to deepened relationships both inside and outside of the organization. An approach that designs a process around your stakeholders helps broaden engagement and creates an inclusive environment.

Interested in learning more about how a process can help you or your organization grow?

By Matt Visser, a Senior Design Partner with Design Group International, and a member with the Society for Process Consulting.  To learn more about Matt, go here.  

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