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As the first and only provider of certification in the field of Process Consulting, the Society for Process Consulting cares deeply about providing professional standards and ethics.

Our Standards and Ethics Committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining the three levels of Process Consulting credential, certifying the curriculum that can be utilized for instruction in achieving these credentials, and upholding the highest standards and ethics in the field of Process Consulting.

Our Standards and Ethics Committee is composed of experienced and thoughtful individuals dedicated to upholding the highest standards and ethics in the field. As a committee they meet regularly to review important issues facing the field of Process Consulting so that the Society for Process Consulting can continue to be a leader in the field and the premier provider of Process Consulting training.

About the Standards and Ethics Committee

As the first and only provider of certification in process consulting, we used a discussion-based, dynamic process to form a framework of professional standards and ethics, as can be seen specifically in the Ethics Statement. Our business is one of inquiry and collaboration; in outlining and maintaining a framework of professional ethics, we naturally function in the same way.

To that end, we have formed a Committee composed of experienced, thoughtful individuals dedicated to upholding the highest standards and ethics in the field. The Committee reviews and approves the courses offered for certification, and responds to breaches of ethics within the field.

Lee H. Butler, Jr., Ph.D.

Vice President of Academic Affairs and Academic Dean & William Tabbernee Professor of the History of Religions and Africana Pastoral Theology, Phillips Theological Seminary, & Standards & Ethics Committee Member

Lee joined the Phillips Theological Seminary as Vice President of Academic Affairs, Academic Dean and William Tabbernee Professor in 2020. He previously served at Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS), where he was instated as assistant professor of theology and psychology in 1996. In 2006, he was promoted to the rank of full professor and in 2017, he was installed in his endowed academic chair.

A former director of the CTS Master of Divinity program, a former Acting Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean, and the founder of the Center for the Study of Black Faith and Life at CTS, his teaching and research interests are in the areas of pastoral psychology, care and counseling, focusing on such topics as Africana religion, pastoral theology, spirituality, and sexuality.

He is a Past-President of the Society for the Study of Black Religion, a member of the American Academy of Religion, the Society for Pastoral Theology, and the Association of Black Psychologists.

Sandra Quick

Founder, JOY Unspeakable, Seasoned Educator, & Society Facilitator & Standards & Ethics Committee Member

As a Master Teacher and Secondary Principal, Sandra weathered the storm of racial desegregation in Ohio’s largest urban school district. During the most dramatic changes in societal, political and economic cultural upheavals and transitions, including the Vietnam War protests, the Civil Rights Movement and family systems breakdowns, Sandra stayed culturally congruent with these never-ending cultural conversions in attitudes, behaviors and beliefs. Times… they are a changin’.

Sandra has years of experience consulting with faith based organizations, non-profits and small businesses which need to make sure their current narrative is congruent and timely, rather than traditional and stagnant. She walks alongside her clients to address internal, organizational issues of inequity and privilege with an eye for constructive process and change. Working from both ends of the cultural competence spectrum, Sandra has built capacity from a preventive approach of conflict resolution, as part of the Minorities Professionals in ADR at Capital Law School (OH).

From the other edge, Sandra is certified as a Christian Conciliator to mediate and arbitrate unresolved and unreconciled substantive and relational issues, both secular and faith based. Her current work has also been deeply influenced by her 13 years as the Curriculum and Instruction Director at Lott Carey Baptist Mission School in Liberia, West Africa.

Carlos Romero

Former Executive Director, Mennonite Education Agency & Standards & Ethics Committee Member

Previously a school administrator, as well as a minister for the Mennonite Board of Congregational Ministries, Carlos led the organization from its formation in 2001 until July of 2019, and expertly guided its vision of strengthening the Mennonite Church through education. During his time with the Agency he provided guidance for school administrators and staff serving early childhood through college.

An important part of his work is that of intercultural competency and dismantling racism. He was co-founder of Developing Harmony through Diversity, an initiative of the Mennonite Church on dismantling racism in the 1990s. Today, Romero is a qualified administrator for the Intercultural Diversity Inventory and has trained boards on the importance of increasing their level of intercultural competence as a necessary step in facing the challenges of today's world.

Romero is a public speaker, often sharing and preaching across the Mennonite Church USA. He consults with boards, is certified in board governance and received a leadership certification for nonprofit chief executives from Board Source. He currently serves as the Vice President of Operations and Administrator at Hamilton Grove Retirement Community in New Carlisle, IN. He lives in Goshen, IN with his wife Celina and is an active member of Waterford Mennonite Church.

Lon L. Swartzentruber

Interim CEO, The Society for Process Consulting; Managing Partner and CEO of Design Group International

Lon is Managing Partner and CEO of Design Group International. He has nearly 30 years of professional experience in human and organizational development, helping leaders and their organizations transform for a vibrant future. As a Process Consultant he has supported the leadership of over 150 Clients and their organizations.

Through this work, Lon has walked alongside organizational leaders to help them articulate their vision and craft strategic plans to achieve them. By taking a posture of listening, his service has helped leaders build consensus, obtain funding, and engage true and lasting change.

Lon earned his B.A. in Business from Goshen College and MBA from George Mason University. He holds multiple credentials including Associate Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation, Executive Process Consultant by the Society for Process Consulting, and an Accredited Practitioner with iEQ9 Integrative Enneagram.

Mark L. Vincent

Founder, Chairman, & Course Facilitator, The Society for Process Consulting & Standards and Ethics Committee Member

Mark created Process Consultation Training 101 (PCT 101) to help other consultants live into the vocation of process consulting and thrive as individual consultants.

He seeks to build the talent pipeline in this iterative, inquiry-based form of consulting to help organizations transform for a brighter future. He helps individuals, teams, organizations and businesses apply the tenets of process consulting to help them grow and expedite results.

Mark is also the Founder of Design Group International, a process consulting community of practice started in 2011 that has grown exponentially to create positive impact across the globe. Read more about Mark here.

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