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MeMber spotlight

Navigating Leadership and Impact: Meet Barbara Wilson
This month we are spotlighting member Rev. Dr. Barbara Wilson.  Barbara  is the Chief Resilience Officer at Wilson Coaching, LLC. Barbara journeys with people and organizations in linking intellect, passion and practice. She has extensive training and experience in these organizations to solve problems and create sustainable opportunities.

In a recent interview, Barbara Wilson shared insights into her journey, passions, and the impactful work she does in process consulting.

Barbara's journey spans a rich tapestry of experiences. A former federal law enforcement officer, she seamlessly integrated psychology, sociology, and law in her work. Her extensive career included roles in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, and U.S. Probation and Parole. Barbara's passion for the intersection of these disciplines laid the foundation for her unique approach to leadership and organizational development.

Barbara's foray into process consulting evolved organically from her background in organizational development, systems analysis, and leader development. The focus on conflict transformation, trauma-informed/trauma-healing work, and intercultural competence became integral to her holistic approach. Barbara emphasized her commitment to journeying with individuals and organizations, fostering self-awareness, and building healthier relationships. As an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Barbara works with leaders and leader teams in creating a culture of coaching within organizations. Barbara recently became a Certified Process Consultant through the Society of Process Consulting. 

Barbara actively applies her process consulting skills in various domains, including nonprofit and faith-based organizations. Leveraging tools and processes such as the Intercultural Development Inventory, Otto Scharmer's Theory U (Ego to Eco leadership) and Bowen Theory, Barbara navigates leaders and teams toward a deeper understanding of their impact.

Beyond specific methodologies, Barbara's true passion lies in journeying with people. Her commitment to supporting forward movement, bridging the gap between vision and mission, underscores her approach. Barbara thrives on the deep listening involved in coaching and consulting, emphasizing that the journey can span months to years.

Barbara challenges the notion of limited free time, advocating for a life-work balance. Outside her professional realm, she finds joy in personal training, exploring diverse music genres (especially jazz), and traveling—whether within the United States or abroad.

Barbara's holistic approach to leadership development, coupled with her commitment to journeying with individuals and organizations, distinguishes her in the field of process consulting. Her story serves as an inspiration, reflecting the transformative power of embracing diverse experiences and disciplines in the pursuit of impactful leadership.

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