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The Core Competencies of Process Consulting

Written By Mark L. Vincent

Ask and listen rather than sell and tell.

Discover the power behind walking alongside your clients and customers.

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"In this important book the reader will find not only a clear account of what Process Consulting is as distinct from many other kinds of organizational consulting, but what the relevant skills need to be for helpers of all kinds if they are to deliver real help to their Clients. Helping is itself a complex human relationship and to deliver it competently as Process Consultants therefore requires not only the intention to help but the skills described in this book."

- Edgar H. Schein

Professor Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management & Author with Peter Schein of Humble Inquiry, rev.Ed. (2021), Humble Leadership (2018), and Humble Consulting (2016)

About the Author

Mark L. Vincent

Mark L. Vincent is an Executive Advisor and Facilitator for Maestro-level leaders and is the founder of Design Group International and the Society for Process Consulting. Walking alongside organizations and leaders for 30-plus years, he has developed successful initiatives with over 800 domestic and international clients. Mark can often be found having earnest conversations inside the coffee shops of Eastern Wisconsin and Boise, Idaho.


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"What I love most about Mark L. Vincent is his capacity to humanize process - to apply systematic principles to the real conversations we are already having. There is approachable depth here. The depth is necessary because you can’t shortcut wisdom and discernment as a consultant or as a person, but it must be easily consumable. Whether you are a parent or a president, Listening, Helping, Learning is deep education in the best thinking in Process Consulting that is written for the experts, and for the rest of us."

-Dr. Rob McKenna

CEO, WiLD Leaders and Founder, The WiLD Foundation

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We are a community of consultants in the “helping” business leveraging humble inquiry and guidance alongside clients to co-create solutions. Our purpose is to provide a community of practice around the vocation of process consulting and to improve results for organizations, businesses and individual consultants. Through unique and challenging certifications, courses, and community learning we strive to develop better consultants who put their customers first.

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