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Start earning your Certified Process Consultant credential through the PCT 101 course. The next cohort is scheduled for January 25, 2019  - April 19, 2019.  Courses start at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time. Length varies and will be communicated in the first session.


Are you currently a consultant looking to grow your practice, or new to the field and want to start a consulting practice? 


Do you prefer to help clients transform through a meaningful process and humble inquiry instead of a set product?


Are you interested in furthering your professional development as a consultant?


If your answer to any one of those questions is "yes," then PCT 101 is for you!


PCT 101 Course Description


PCT 101 is the first course of its kind that combines the tenets of process consulting as a vocation with the practical lessons of starting and/or building a consulting business.  The course is a student-centered, inquiry-based cooperative learning experience with a group of peers, facilitated by Mark L. Vincent, CEO of Design Group International, and the Society’s founder and Chairman. 




At the end of the course, each participant will be equipped to earn the Certified Process Consultant™ credential based on their knowledge of process consulting and development of a viable business plan.


Learning Outcomes

Session 1 – Jan 25th, Understanding the Iterative Process

Session 2 – Feb 1st, Understanding the Consultative Pipeline

Session 3 – Feb 8th, Pricing and Negotiating a Consulting Agreement

Session 4 – Feb 15th, Building Your Network for Long-term Success

No session Feb 22nd

Session 5 – Mar 1st, Maintaining Brand Standards

Session 6 – Mar 8th, Discovering Your Personal Brand

Session 7 – Mar 15th, Using Social Media as a Business Builder

Session 8 – Mar 22nd, Filling Your Pipeline

Session 9 – Mar 29th, Working Under a Specific Consulting Platform

Session 10 – April 5th, Discovering the Consultative Ecosystem 

Session 11 – April 12th, Ensuring Authenticity, Continuous Learning, Continuous Improvement

Session 12 – April 19th, Planning Your Next Six Months




Each participant will actively engage through discovery, reading, reflection, group discussion, personal assignments and mentoring. Coursework is managed through the Society Membership portal with conference calls and video conferencing hosted by the course facilitator.  Two individual mentoring sessions with the facilitator are also included, via phone or video conferencing.


About the Facilitator

Mark L. Vincent, PhD, is the creator and facilitator of PCT 101. Mark founded the process consulting firm Design Group International in 2001 with his wife Lorie. Design Group International has grown into a process consulting Community of Practice with a global clientele. As the Design Group International Founder, Mark gathers teams of CEOs and business owners for peer-based advising, process design and chaplaincy where large and complex organizational change scenarios are found. He also fosters leadership within the Design Group International Community of Practice. The January 2019 cohort will be Mark’s seventh group to participate in PCT 101.

Read Mark's full bio here.  We look forward to seeing you in PCT 101!

Questions about the Society? Email admin@societyforprocessconsulting or call 1-877-771-3330 ext. 2.

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