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Our Team
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Mark L. Vincent is the founder, Chairman and first course facilitator for the Society for Process Consulting.

He created Process Consultation Training 101 (PCT 101) to help other consultants live into the vocation of process consulting and thrive as individual consultants. 

He seeks to build the talent pipeline in this iterative, inquiry-based form of consulting to help organizations transform for a brighter future.  He helps individuals, teams, organizations and businesses apply the tenets of process consulting to help them grow and expedite results. 

Mark is also the Founder of Design Group International, a process consulting firm started in 2011 that has grown exponentially to create positive impact across the globe.  Read more about Mark here.

Kim Stezala is the CEO of the Society for Process Consulting. 

She seeks to build a community of practice around the vocation of process consulting, to elevate knowledge and skills, leverage the wisdom and expertise of members and drive the consulting field forward.

By using an ecosystem approach, she envisions a membership where individual consultants flourish, the community helps advance the field of process consulting, and organizations and businesses thrive through their experience with high-quality process consultants. 

Kim is a Senior Partner at Design Group International, and prior to that was an independent consultant for 12 years. She is also known as The Scholarship Lady®based on her expertise about scholarship programs. Read more about Kim here.