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About Us
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Why do we exist?


  • To provide a space for process consultants to thrive, and to consequently help more organizations thrive!
  • To provide a framework of professional ethics for process consultants.
  • To recognize quality and proficiency among process consultants.

Who are we?


Charter members include individual consultants who are committed to process consulting as a vocation and dedicated to high standards and ethics in the field.  The Society for Process Consulting is a division of Design Group International, Inc., a client-centered, client-defined consulting company. 


The Standards and Ethics Committee of the Society monitors quality and adherence to community culture.  Please read our Ethics Statement.


What do we do?


We provide community and standards in the field by offering:

  • Membership to practitioners
  • Courses to practitioners
  • Credentials to practitioners who have exhibited various levels of proficiency
  • Accreditation (coming in 2020) to third-party course providers that have been vetted and approved by the Standards and Ethics Committee.

How do we do it?  

We welcome life-long learners at each stage of their journey and seek to provide an inclusive and accessible platform for them to continue developing their business acumen.


We do this through Society membership, training and collegiality with both online and in-person experiences throughout the year.  We also provide high-value thought leadership, editorial content and the sharing of best practices around process consulting.  Most importantly, we hope that members will build relationships, learn from one another and advocate for the use of process consulting to transform organizations.


Where do we do it?


Charter members live and work across the United States of America; some members have international consulting experience.  We seek to grow our international presence during the next five years.  The membership experience is primarily provided through electronic communication with plans for in-person events.




Now!  Join the community. Sharpen your skills. Build your business. 


Questions about the Society? Email admin@societyforprocessconsulting or call 1-877-771-3330 ext. 2.